Friday Furniture DIY

Our first attempt at making furniture began with a repurpose of an antique piece and some salvaged wood. Many years ago I had bought a trundle farm table at an antique shop. The base was very old but someone had replaced the top with some pine boards. Not knowing much about wood, I put verathane on the surface of the unfinished wood. This gave it a nice shine and protected the wood but it yellowed over the years and pine is very soft- not a good combination for a sturdy kitchen table.

I always wanted to repurpose the trundle base because it was old and sturdy. Then last year in one of our many demolitions of the beach cottage, we found several beautiful 100 year old fir boards in a hall closet we tore out to open up the living room. We had 1/2 plank boards that were over 6 feet long in prime condition. My husband suggested we try them on the trundle base to make a new table.

We began by taking off the old base. Then we cut the fir planks to fit the top of the table base. Given these board are 100 years old and had been standing up right for all that time, they fit together amazing well. We next affixed the boards to a piece of plywood for stability and attached all to the base.

Once the boards were in place, we sanded the surface and cleaned it well. Next came multiple coats of clear verathane. The wood took the stain well and I think the results were gorgeous. This project encouraged us to try more furniture DIY projects which I will be highlighting every Friday.








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