Our biggest renovation so far…The bathroom

When we bought the beach house we painted white paint everywhere and made some basic repairs to weather proof the house. Major renovations were not considered because we were raising our family and had other priorities. Now that we are empty nesters and want to use the beach house as our permanent home, we decided to start a renovation on the bathroom.

The bathroom looked like a classic 1950’s bathroom when we bought the house. It had a drop down ceiling with a circular heater. The toilet and tub both looked like 1930’s design. We used this functioning bathroom for 10 years.

In the summer of 2013 we decided to open up the ceiling in hopes of making the space larger. We were happily surprised to find a 14 foot ceiling open to the attic. This started our year long journey to remodel the bathroom into a modern spa like bathroom with a nod to the 1915 heritage of the home.







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