The Bathroom Renovation Gets Real

Well, so far our renovation projects have been challenging but usually went as expected. Not so much with the bathroom renovation/new shower install.

We had been hesitate to take out the old bathtub/shower surround because then we would have no where to shower. July, hot, dirty – you get the picture.

But we knew we could not put in a new shower if we didn’t take out the old so Steve began bashing out the 50 year old cast iron bathtub on the morning of July 5th. What should have been an hour project turned into an 1/2 day one because the thing would not break into small pieces. We ended up hauling the bigger pieces out to the truck ourselves. Literally the heaviest thing I have ever helped carry- must have weighed 250 pounds- and it was just 1/3 of tub!

Thinking this project was going to be a breeze, I decide to have a garage sale to get rid of a few things. Steve gets the bathtub out finally and decides to take the metal tub to the scrap guy down the street to recycle it. He goes by himself and I stay behind to do the garage sale.

We both know how heavy the 1/3 size of the tub was when we loaded it into the back of the truck. I told Steve to tie it down just to be sure. He says “there is no way that thing is moving” and off he goes.

Well you can guess what happened next- Steve goes through an intersection in the middle of our small town, hits a bump and the big piece of the tub goes flying out in the middle of the street. Traffic is stopped and he has no choice but to lift the thing back into the truck by himself. I have no idea how he did it- he is very strong but I think adrenaline must have kicked in. I wish this was the only crazy thing that happened with the shower install, but more to come on that later…




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