First rule of remodeling an older home

The first rule of remodeling an older home is once you start to replace one thing, you find at least 2 more that need replacing. And so goes the bathroom remodel…

Once we rebuilt the wall behind the shower, we needed to finish the small section of subfloor around the toilet. Given the look of the toilet design we thought it might have been there since the 1930s. Once we started to remove it, the toilet appeared to be welded to its stand. It took an hour to get the thing removed.

Took the toilet outside on the lawn and finished the subfloor. Now time for a new seal and reinstall the toilet. I know you must be asking why are you keeping an 80 year old toilet. Well the design was cool and we wanted to keep something in the new bathroom from the old one. But alas, not to be.

When Steve picked up the toilet to carry it back inside to reinstall, the base literally cracked in two. Now we have no shower, sink or toilet. Yikes.

Off we go to the local plumbing store. Found a new toilet and took the better part of the day installing it. We also ran all new plumbing to the toilet. The rest of the shower wall install had to wait but we do have a lovely new toilet, plumbing and subfloor. 2 more projects than the subfloor so the 1st rule of remodeling applies.







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