Menu of the week- Panzanella

I am always looking for inspiration – whether it is cooking, DIY, or just cool people. I happened on to “Extra Virgin” on the Cooking Channel a couple of months ago. I was a skeptic because it starred a Hollywood actress, Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele. Boy was I wrong- these 2 passionate people are amazingly inspirational and the show is so sweet and touching I have actually teared up. LOVE this show! The picture is of my version of their Panzanella recipe – a Tuscan specialty which is a thrifty and delicious way to use stale bread.

Recipe- chopped up good quality Italian bread (at least day old) into bowl. Chop tomatoes, cucumber, sweet onion and basil and add to bread. Add olive oil, fresh garlic and sea salt and pepper to taste. I added a splash of white balsamic vinegar to brightened taste. Toss and serve cold. Better if served next day. Awesome for warm summer day.



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