The White Whale

There is always one elusive item you search for when dreaming of remodeling your home. For us it has been a clawfoot bathtub. Given the age of our house (1915), it mostly likely would have had one.

Our overall goal has been to modernize our house but to also to restore it to Its original era design. A clawfoot tub seemed a perfect addition.

Well, we have looked and looked and looked for a tub. Craigslist, Rebuilding Center in Portland, Restore have been searched. We asked friends and neighbors at beach if they knew of one. We even looked online for a new version. It had become our White Whale.

Then all of a sudden there it was on Craiglist. A cute 5 foot tub with straight legs! Instead of being in Portland or Seattle, it was 5 miles away from our house in Vancouver. Was it meant to be? YES!

The tub is in really good condition and it was even painted black on bottom, just like we wanted. Of course we found it 2 weeks after we had wall opened up in bathroom, but we will find a way to get it in there.

I have never smiled while scrubbing a tub but I did yesterday. I kept smiling while repainting the sides. I’m still smiling- the White Whale is home!






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