Menu of the Week- Cinnamon French Toast with fresh berries

All time favorite breakfast ever. I would eat this every day if I could get fresh berries! Easy, easy, easy and delicious!

When I first started learning to cook, I was obsessed with Martha Stewart. She inspired my recipe for french toast because of course she put cinnamon and vanilla and Grand Marnier in her egg mix for french toast. I have made it her way and it rocks but just adding a dusting of cinnamon to a couple of eggs and a splash of milk is all you need. I use Dave’s Killer Bread lately for the toast but use any kind of bread you like. Dip bread until moist and then pan fry in a little pat of butter until each side is golden brown.

Now the most important part- cover toast with fresh berries and the most important step is only cover with REAL maple syrup. Use only a tablespoon or so because it only takes a little. Brings out cinnamon and berry taste. Summer perfection- enjoy!



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