How True Love Got Her Name

It all started with a sketch I had done in college after I saw the movie ” High Society”. In the movie, a couple played by Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby go on their honeymoon on a beautiful sailboat named “True Love”. The movie is a musical version of “The Philadelphia Story”, another favorite movie. If you haven’t seen- please watch they are wonderful!

Fastforward many years later and we are planning our wedding to take place aboard Steve’s sailboat. I showed him the sketch in an old notebook. He loved it and we decided to use it as our wedding invitation.

Then in 2004 when we bought our beach house we noticed many of the houses had names. Either the owners name, the year it was built or a name like The Door House (made of doors from Lewis and Clark exhibition in 1905) that described the house. Our house did not have a name.

Steve suggested we call her “True Love” after our wedding picture. It seemed perfect. So our house got her name.




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