Dreaming of a little black and white bathtub…

Now that the shower is 90% done, I am now dreaming about installing the little clawfoot tub I found on Craigslist. Over the weekend I was able to finish painting the surround and legs black. It is temporary housed in my living room on a little moving dolly. Can’t wait to see it in bathroom.

First have to find new plumbing which is not going to be cheap or easy. A top or deck mount tub is rare and only 4 inches separate the faucets. The plumbing will be exposed so it has to match the faucet and tub filler. Oh the things you learn when remodeling an old home.

I think I might be a little too focused on the bathroom. The other day I opened a new Quaker Oats container and the plastic seal came off. It was on the counter and I saw it later and thought ” why is that toilet flange in the kitchen?” At least I made Steve laugh.

Back to the bathroom and sharing some of my bathtub dreams…













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