Menu of the Week- 10 minute or less pizza

Pizza is probably our favorite food. But who wants to pay $$$ for so so soggy dough and nasty fake cheese? Beside there isn’t a decent pizza place within 15 miles of our beach house. Out of desperation and starving, a couple of weeks ago I made a killer pizza in less than 10 minutes…

Some of my best recipes have come from limited ingredients at the beach. With only a few items and dinner approaching, I have to think fast and be creative. What can I make into pizza?

I had purchased a stack of Naan bread at Safeway to use with hummus. It was garlic flavor so I decided to use it as the crust. Turned out to be a delicious and easy choice.

I took bread and smeared with thin layer of tomato paste and sprinkled with dried Italian herbs. Covered with fresh mozzarella and shredded Parmesan. Placed on baking pan and put in 400 degree oven to crisp and melt cheese. In mean time I chopped some dried Italian salami, fresh basil and minced garlic to top. In 5-7 minutes “pizza” crust was done. I put on toppings and added some goat cheese. Used pizza wheel to cut and served. Seriously some of the best pizza ever- in only 10 minutes!

Note- I have started using only meat without nitrates – bacon, salami, sompressa, ham – can all be found in the deli section of Safeway and in cracker aisle at Trader Joes. Healthier and much better tasting than their chemical cousins. Besides don’t have to refrigerate and perfect for picnics.


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