DIY Apothecary Cabinet

One of the many challenges in an old home is storage. We are lucky our little 1200 square foot house had lots of attic and cabinet space under stairs, window seats and in kitchen. But when we took the bathroom back to the studs, all the existing cabinets had to go.

What to do for storage? We shopped vintage stores and tried IKEA for cabinets. We really wanted an apothecary type cabinet with glass door. Nothing seemed to work- either too short or too much money.

On one of our frequent visits to Restore, my phone started ringing. It is Steve and he says to come quick to the cabinet area. He doesn’t get excited very easily over stuff at Restore- that’s usually me coming up with some crazy idea. I find him standing in front of what looks like a 20 foot cabinet. I said no way. It’s too tall. Steve is 6’4″ tall so nothing seems to tall to him.

He is so enthusiastic about this cabinet, of course we buy it for $30. It isn’t 20 foot high, only 7.8′ feet which will work against a 14 foot ceiling in the bathroom. Now we just have to figure out how to get it in there. Oh and did I mention it was tangerine? This is definitely a make it work moment for Salvagebythesea.

I started by removing all the hardware and painting the cabinet with my go to favorite paint, Behr High Hide White in semi-gloss enamel formula for interior/exterior for a high moisture environment. I am replacing all the hardware to match existing handles on vanity cabinet so they will match. I also decided to paint the back wall black to coordinate with the block vanity and the subway tile. So far so good…






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