Salvaged and bargain vanity for $151

We have been working on the bathroom for over a year. Tore down walls and ceiling and started to design ideas. We found a cute little cabinet at the Rebuilding Center in Portland for $15. It lacked a countertop so we built a tongue and groove top out of beautiful fir ($20) that matches the ceiling. I painted the base black and reused the hardware.

Next we found a cool sink for $30 at IKEA in the bargain room. Found a brand new faucet from Kingston Brass at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $60. The light fixture was only $6 but was really bad pink & grey granite color so spray painted black. We had the mirror for years so it was a repurpose from an estate sale ($20).

So we have installed everything and love the look. Entire cost was $151 with a little paint and elbow grease. This kind of result is why we salvage and work so hard to create a unique space.






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