We had to create a work space in the kitchen along the appliances because there were no cabinets. I had an old cabinet that has served as a baby changing table, bar cart and potting shed table. The great thing was the cabinet fit perfectly next to the stove so we made it into a work space and cabinet storage.

After using the cabinet with plastic cutting boards for years, we decided to make it into a butcher block work station. IKEA sells there countertop butcher block by sections for about $80. We bought one section of about 48 inches long and 30 inches wide. Just beware that you have to go pick up the butcher block counter at a warehouse a mile or so from IKEA store and it is really heavy.

The only problem was the cabinet did not have a flat surface to mount the butcher block. There was a 6 inch backer board around the back and sides. These has to go if we were to install the new counter top.

I am trying to get better with power tools so I used a saw to take off the boards. Once the boards were trimmed down, I sanded the surface to make it smooth.

Next came the butcher block which we measured and custom cut to fit the cabinet top. We positioned the cabinet back in place and aligned the butcher block. Steve used wood screws to install the counter top. Now we have an IKEA hack of an old cabinet with a brand new butcher block counter top. The new hardware handles and pull on the cabinet complete it’s transformation – love the upgrade and reusing something we already had into something special.






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