Inspiration -1920s Parisian Loft

When we decided to move to our beach house full time, one of my design concerns was closet and storage space. I have collected handbags, scarves, shoes, denim, jackets and other vintage clothing items for years. The answer to my closet was to take over a second bedroom and turn it into a dressing room with rolling closets and a vanity.

My style inspiration began when I found a website called Grey and Scout. The website is amazing for the breadth and scope of interior design it covers. Especially considering the creator is in Denver and lives in a mid- century modern home. Many of her posts are from Brooklyn, NY and Sweden. The colors and design are always inspirational.

My love of all things French/Parisian has always inspired me. So with a mix of black and white (very Coco Chanel) and clean line of Swedish/mid century pieces, I started envisioning a loft apartment in Paris. Incorporating all of my clothes on open racks and displaying by shoes and handbags made good use of storage and well as making the space seem like a boutique curated with all my favorite things.

I feel happy with the results so far but have more ideas to make the space work as a destination/retreat as I live in it full time. More rugs, a TV, a huge mirror and a chandelier are definitely in the next phase.










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