What’s for Brunch- Classic Quiche

I adore quiche- it is one of those few dishes you can do ahead and it works for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner- the perfect meal! It can also be made into a vegetarian dish or “beefed” up to include various meats like ham and bacon.

My best recipe for quiche comes from Julia Child’s (duh) Mastering the Art of French Cooking. As an aside, do not overlook this book if you are a beginning cook. It is way ahead of its time and fairly simple to follow. The quiche recipe starts with a basic crust called Pate Brisee and then has tons of filling options and step by step drawings showing how to make the quiche.

You can use any basic crust for quiche. Just like you can use any filling- I used extra egg whites in this recipe along with spinach & Parmesan cheese & milk instead of the heavier cream and meat options. I loved the result. Don’t be afraid to experiment with quiche- it is an awesome do ahead brunch option. You can make the night before and then simple cut like a pie and heat up in microwave. Serve with side salad or fresh fruit for full meal. Just add a mimosa & brunch is done!




Crazy beautiful sunset

After all our travels, we made our way back to our beloved beach house and were treated to a spectacular sunset that seemed to say “we missed you, welcome home!”



H&M Home

I am a big H&M fan- I’m having a Scandinavian design obsession right now and am following several Swedish and Danish design blogs. When I saw a large new H&M store in New Orleans, I had to check it out. To my great surprise they had a complete home section inside (Local Portland store doesn’t). Amazing stuff for great H&M prices. I got pillow cases for $1.50 each and cute French postcard soap dish for $4.95. Very lovely!



Abandoned buildings

Sadly decay and the economy have taken there toll on buildings in NOLA. We walked outside of the downtown area and found 4 beautiful churches shut down and locked up.

A private house collapsed on Royal Street just off Bourbon Street several days ago and it was tore all the way down yesterday. Hope the community will rally to preserve these pieces of history.