Building an Entire Room around a light

I know it is ridiculous to build an entire room around an old school house light fixture, but that is what I did. It is like buying a pair of shoes and building an entire outfit around it. But when I found this black and white fixture over a year ago at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $10, I had to get it for the bathroom. I just loved it because it was vintage yet looked modern which was exactly the design aesthetic I hoped to achieve with the bathroom remodel.

We didn’t realize how old it was or valuable until we took it apart. Similar reproduction lights sell for $300 so we were determined to make it work. Had to rewire it but were able to keep old ceramic light fixture. Otherwise it is exactly as I found it other than a good cleaning. We hung the wiring and light fixture when we installed the new ceiling in order to get the placement correct. We could not install the globe because of construction on shower and walls.

Until today! Everything is done near the light and the dome is up. Absolutely love it!






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