Maps, part deux

When we bought our house, both sets of prior owners left their belongings which meant their were items from 1915 to 2004. Many of these items we sold at yard sales like the organ and dishwasher we didn’t need. But one of the most interesting things was a series of National Geographic maps in a folder.

I tried to find some history of the house last summer online and discovered the Bowder family had a son who served in WWII in Europe. This made the DDay map circled with an orange crayon so much more meaningful.

Another favorite map is the world map from 1935. I just noticed yesterday that the map contained red lines which represented the only airline routes. Just like the lines in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” across the Pacific when Indiana Jones takes off from San Francisco.

I love history and it is so fun to have a little piece of it to explore in your own home. We are trying to honor this history by incorporating some of the maps into the house. I framed a 1969 map of the Long Beach peninsula and it now hangs in the new bathroom.










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