What’s for Brunch- Cranberry Preserve French Toast

This is a recipe I made up yesterday from 2 sources of inspiration. The beach house is on a peninsula where cranberries are harvested in bogs. The harvest started last week and made me crave cranberries. The other inspiration was the new lifestyle blog “Preserve” by actress Blake Lively. It is a lovely mix of crafted items and living a more inspired life. Voila! Cranberry preserve!

First off I used a Harvest Bread loaded with nuts and dried fruit. I made the french toast with eggs, a pinch of flour, splash of milk and cinnamon and vanilla to taste. Mix well and drench toast in batter.

Prepare pan on medium high heat with a small amount of butter. Brown the toast to a golden brown.

At the same time, I put a cup of cranberries in a saucepan with Apple cider. I brought to boil and let simmer while smashing the cranberries. Added a pinch of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg & cloves with several tablespoons of brown sugar. Keep heat high and boil until it cooks down into a thick preserve.

I covered the toast with Greek yogurt (I’m obsessed with Fage right now) and then added warm preserves. Loved the warm fall flavors of cranberry, spice, cream and crunchy toast together – brunch done!











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