Something Salvaged- Accessories Closet

One of the funny things that happens when technology changes is objects become obsolete. Obviously you can recycle a computer or Iphone but what to do with a whole piece of furniture whose purpose is no longer relevant?

We had a nice wooden TV cabinet to hold a large box TV and all of our Disney VHS tapes. Well that isn’t working anymore so what to do with a nice piece of furniture- salvage it into a new purpose!

I tore the fiber board off the back to start. Then cleaned and painted the interior with a gloss white paint. Added a shelf and painted it to match. My plan was to create an accessory closet for my scarfs and smaller handbags. This way everything can be seen at once and look organized all at the same time. I like the way it looks like a little boutique when you open the door.

The result is a salvage and repurposed piece that I can use again. These cabinets are easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales for as little as $10-20. I’m happy with results and hope to find a way to organize jewelry in the cabinet so all my accessories will be in one place.






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