Salvage of the Week- Craftsman Fir Door

For the past two years we have looked on Craigslist, gone to the Rebuilding Center in Portland and even drove 50 miles to look for a new vintage door for our beach house. Well I am happy to report the look is over!

I decided on a whim to visit the local Restore (check there weekly) on Halloween. Did not realize they were have a 50% off sale until I got there. I started looking through the rows of doors absentmindedly. Then all of a sudden in the middle of the row was the door! Solid wood with a dental shelf and intact windows! I looked at the tag- thought it said $150 so I was not as excited until I realized it was $15 with closer inspection. Which meant it was really $7.50!

After all the looking and almost buying a custom door for $600, I am thrilled to announce we are the proud owners of an old vintage door for $7.50. Updates will be coming on the salvage and install of this find.






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