White Lasagne

I guess it’s fall and having to eat out for a week that has me cooking up a storm. I saw a recipe for White Lasagne in a cooking magazine and did not like the ingredients (kale 😁 not a fan) so I decided to create my own.

Started with a white béchamel sauce from Extra Virgin’s Lasagne Alla Bolognese recipe but added a minced clove of garlic for extra flavor. Next I caramelized an onion until it was golden brown then added slices of zucchini and several handfuls of fresh spinach. I turned down the heat and let the warmth of the vegetables wilt the spinach. I set these aside and began to prep my pan.

I used a small pan because this was an experiment. You could make this as large as you want with extra ingredients.

I used oven ready lasagne which saves time and hassle but does not effect the flavor. Put a little white sauce in bottom of pan, topped with lasagne noodles, next added a little more sauce, veggie mix, topped this layer with fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of Parmesan. Repeat layers using all ingredients. Top final layer of noodles with remaining sauce and cheeses. Bake until golden brown (about 35 minutes for small dish) at 350 degrees. Serve with salad for an easy fall dinner. Total prep time was only about 15 minutes while cooking veggies and sauce at same time.






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