What’s for Brunch- Farm Benedict

I love eggs Benedict but not poaching eggs. So I came up with an easy modified recipe I call “Farm Benedict” because it resembles farm breakfasts my Grandma used to cook versus fancy restaurant brunch.

It’s simple-toast an English muffin. Butter to taste. Fry bacon in a pan to your crispness liking and set aside. Once cooled slice in two. Fry 2 eggs in bacon grease. Meanwhile make some Hollandaise sauce- it’s really easy. A pat of butter on low heat. Add 2 egg yolks, mix with melted butter on low until thick. Squeeze in some lemon juice & voila it’s a sauce!

To plate, add bacon then sunny side egg on each muffin. Top with Hollandaise sauce. Add favorite finishing salt & pepper. Enjoy!




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