Salvage of the week- Lee Bailey Cookbook

When I first started cooking and learning about interior design, my go-to resource was House Beautiful magazine. At one point both Mary Emmerling and Martha Stewart wrote columns for the magazine. Another regular contributor was a Louisiana native transplant to New York named Lee Bailey.

I’m not sure why he did not become as famous as Martha but his recipes and cookbooks were way ahead of their time. The recipes incorporated regional cooking and ordinary items like jalapeños we take for granted now. He has a casual fun style of cooking and entertaining that is easy to follow. Everyone of his recipes I have tried works to perfection- especially his many cornbread recipes- amazing!

Recently I started collecting his cookbooks. They are not easy to find. My favorite is “Lee Bailey’s Country Weekend”. Today I found one I didn’t even know about -“New Orleans” written with Ella Brennan from Commander’s Palace, the famous New Orleans restaurant where Emeril Lagasse got his start.

Given our recent visit I was thrilled to find it and discover not only fabulous recipes but tours of historical houses inside! Happy to salvage this cookbook and incorporate Mr. Bailey’s delicious recipes and ideas into my everyday cooking.






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