Current Obsession- Sonic Highways

My favorite band ever is the Foo Fighters. Last year I watched a documentary by lead singer Dave Grohl called “Sound City” about the legendary recording studio in L.A. It was fantastic – highly recommend.

For over a year the Foo Fighters have been hinting about a concept album. Then I heard they were making a film- loved the earlier documentary so thought it would be good. Well they have delivered big time. Not only is the music fantastic but the companion show on HBO called “Sonic Highways” is amazing. The band travelled to 8 cities across the US showcasing the local sound and incorporating their journey into a new song for each city. It is like taking a musical history tour of America.

Needless to say I have been captivated by the show especially the graphics at the end of each show showing Dave Grohl’s handwritten lyrics to the song of that city. I have found the music & show so inspirational that I decided to incorporate my own version for the lyrics of “Something from Nothing” into a drawing.

Can’t wait for this week’s episode from Preservation Hall in New Orleans since it was 2 blocks from our hotel on our recent trip. Only wish we would have been there to see the FF!





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