My White Whale of a Bathtub-Finale

Happy ending to my 2 year plus seemingly never ending search for the perfect claw foot tub for our bathroom remodel (affectionately referred to as the White Whale). Found the tub last summer on Craigslist but it was the last thing to be installed in the bathroom after the toilet, shower & sink. Plus we had a hard time finding correct plumbing for the tub because it had a surface mount for handles that was only 4 inches apart. We ended up using a regular bar sink faucet and attaching the plumbing flush with the wall. It seemed crazy to spend $500 on shiny pipes to run into the floor. The whole project cost less than $250- $150 for tub and $49 for faucet & another $50 for plumbing supplies. I painted the base with Miller Paint Enamel and scrubbed the inside with Bar Keepers Friend for a safe shiny glow to the porcelain. I am happy to report it works perfectly and stays quite warm, even in 25 degree beach weather. No more white whale – she is safely installed!






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