This Weekend’s Project- Design Workspace

I spent the weekend working on a design workspace for Salvage by the Sea. A creative space will keep me motivated, right? So I thought I would have some fun. I’m still searching for a design/workspace/desk to work on but maybe Santa will bring me one- hint, hint…

Some of the fun included a photo of Ansel Adams I salvaged which is my favorite of his- Moonrise over Hernandez, New Mexico. I painted a Swedish cross to match the crosses in the photo as a little tribute.

Next I found an Ikea cow print and could not pass it up. I grew up on a farm with Hereford cows so the print totally made me smile. Plus the color is a pop on the dark grey.

The curtain is an ombré grey from Target Threshold collection. Great design and value from this collection. The lampshade is also from the collection. The chair is a garage sale find painted white.

The inspiration board is a work in progress as it should be. The denim pencil/tool holders are salvaged from a ripped pair of 1969 Gap jeans from my husband. Why throw away cool fabric when you can repurpose it?

I will keep working on the design space and I’m sure it will evolve over time to include storage and hopefully more cool salvage projects.






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