Workspace Salvage

The workspace I was trying to create came together very quickly with the salvage of a Target rug find at a thrift store. The rug was brand new and it was exactly the one I was looking for to complete the room. The floral pattern with just the right muted shades of grey and blue.

Earlier in the day I salvaged a cool old school chair from The Rebuilding Center in Portland. It was kismet- the chair and the rug matched perfectly!

All I needed was a desk… I looked no further than my back yard for a salvage. Decided to repurpose an old vintage garden table gifted to me by my grandparents years ago. It is the perfect size for now but I would love to build a wooden table with salvaged legs but that is a project for another day!

The entire workspace design with repurposed, salvaged and new items including the paint for the walls totaled about $120. Being creative with the things you already have makes creating a new space entirely possible on a budget.
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