Best of Salvage 2014 #8 Old Boat Wood Coffee Table

My husband found an old boat rotting on the shore of the harbor near our house. He grabbed a couple of the boards, well mostly because he loves old boats. I thought the wood was gorgeous. The colors of old boat were faded but gave it a rich patina.

At first we were going to use it for a headboard but didn’t have enough wood. Then I remembered the hideous Pottery Barn coffee table that still had a nice base but whose top was a rotten DIY project gone wrong with bad tile and grout. I broke that all off and cleaned up the rotten iron base.

We measure and shaped the boat wood to the base. The wood used for boats is heated and shaped to fit the hull so it was a little tricky getting the pieces together in a new shape on the table. Once we got the wood cut and screwed on to the table base, I used Verathane to coat the wood. The finish is glossy and brought out the old color of the boat.

I didn’t realize it until we took the table into the house that the colors of the wood matched the wool rug. Happy coincidence. The grade I give this salvage is an A+ because I loved the end result, it was salvaged entirely with $0 and it preserved a piece of local history.



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