Best of Salvage 2014 Final Countdown #5,4,3,2,1

When I looked back at everything we accomplished over the past year, the one room that had the biggest salvage was our beach bathroom. From my rough original design sketch in April to where we are in December, it has been an amazing journey. I have included a photo of what the 1970s bathroom looked like before and the demolition we did to salvage the space.

We have dabbled in DIY but never done a room from bare walls. We ended up having to take the entire wall out behind the shower all the way to the concrete foundation and rebuilt the subfloor. Even though this was way beyond our original estimation of the scope of work, we rallied and kept on budget and got the subfloor, new wall, insulation, new window, tiling, electrical wiring and plumbing all done between July 7 until our first shower in August. Plus right in the middle of the shower install, the toilet cracked in two and we had to replace it.

This included a lot of 12-15 hour days because my husband and I did all the work ourselves. That is the thing we are the most proud of because a lot of DIY blogs show great before and after projects but they only paint the walls and sub contract out the plumbing, electrical and construction- we did all of that ourselves.

So here in no particular order, the final five salvages of 2014:

#5 Vintage Schoolhouse Light

This light became the basis for the color and design ideas for the bathroom when I found it hanging at Restore. Our house is from 1915 and I think this light is from the 1920-30 era. Found at Restore for Habitat for Humanity for $10.

#4 Framed Vintage Map

The old map of Willapa Bay was hanging on the wall in the living room when we bought the house. Framing it and adding it to the bathroom seemed a fitting honor. Poster frame was $20.

#3. Vanity Area

We found the vanity at the Rebuilding Center for $15. Repurposed the mirror. The light was $6 and the faucet was $50 from Habitat. The IKEA sink was found in the as-is room for $30. We built the vanity top out of tongue and groove Douglas fir for $20.

#2 Vintage Clawfoot Tub

I found the tub on Craigslist for $150. With a new coat of paint and a good scrubbing, it was ready to install. Used a bar faucet for $49 from Home Depot and a new drain and stopper for $10. Looks like it should have been in the house originally which is exactly what we were going for plus it is a awesome soaking tub=design and function.

#1 The Total Bathroom

I have never designed an entire room much less built one. Together I feel like we really pulled off a fabulous space. Not only is it exactly the way we wanted it to look, but it feels like a lovely spa as well. Including the shower tile, plumbing, wiring, paneling, boards, paint 2 windows and the items listed above, we probably spent around $1,500. I give this project an A+ for value and design because we love it! Only thing left to do is install the hardwood floor…





















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