Lasagne Hybrid

Last weekend I was catching up on my favorite cooking show “Extra Virgin” and watched a terrific episode including a fish & kale dinner at the James Beard House in NYC. After the episode I got to thinking about James Beard- he grew up in Portland, Oregon- right across the Columbia River from where I live. He loved regional ingredients like the Dungeness crab I had in my fridge. So I thought why not combine my favorite “Extra Virgin” recipe for lasagne with the crab and kale I had like the James Beard dinner?

Well it turned out pretty amazing but the best part was when I posted the idea and photos on Twitter, the genius behind “Extra Virgin” Mr. Gabriele Corcos retwitted my dish! Best compliment ever!







Something From Nothing

I love finding things in nature to use to decorate. We had a huge storm at the beach several weeks ago which washed up tons of beautiful driftwood. I found this flat piece of cedar and decided to make a centerpiece out of it. All I did was clean it, verathane it lightly and add candles. The photos do not pick up the natural sparkles from the crystallized sea salt on the wood but the candles do for an added shine.





Little Black Garden Beds

I got inspired by a recent photo of black raised garden beds on Gardenista. While it is still winter elsewhere, in the Pacific NW, we have beautiful sunny 60 degree weather so I took advantage to work in my garden. I got a first coat of black paint on my raised garden beds and am so pleased I wanted to post some photos. One bed is filled with everbearing strawberry plants which started with 3 plants and spread over last year to embrace the entire bed. The other bed will have tomato and basil plants once spring really arrives. I can’t wait!





Garden Plans

We have decided 2015 is the year to really spruce up the garden at the beach house as a 100 year old birthday gift. I know it’s only January but plans are under way for some big improvements- hopefully as big as the ones on the interior during 2014. Here is some inspiration from my favorite site Gardenista.




It dawned on me yesterday that I might have a stripe issue. As I pulled on my sequin striped J. Crew tee shirt, I gave a critical look to just how many things I have that are striped. It appears to be many- from shoes and clothes to bedding and pillows to my original art work, I seem to be following the striped lines…I think stripes are cheerful yet graphic which is a tough act to pull off along with nautical, preppy and classic. No wonder I love them and have them all around.









Salvaged 100 year old Doug Fir Table

This is a throw back of sorts but I could not help but admire the beauty of the wood on my dining room table this morning. I was reading an article about a guy who said he had a salvaged Doug fir table but he had bought it and the lacquered wood looked like a picnic table. The wood on my table is from the walls of our beach cottage when we torn down a wall to open up the living room. My husband attached the planks to an old trundle base we already had and made this beautiful salvaged table for me out of 100 year old wood. To me this is the perfect salvage- sentimentally beautiful and purposeful.