The Houses of Ocean Park

Many of the houses in Ocean Park have a name. Sadly our house did not have one so we christened her “True Love” after the sailboat in one of my favorite movies “High Society.” One of my favorites in town is the “Door House” named aptly because it is built of doors from the 1904 Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland. Other great names are “Chambered Nautilus” and “Shangri-la.” Some have more obvious names like “The Wreckage” or the “Pilot House.”

Regardless of the names, many of these houses are over 100 years old and hold generations of stories of summer campfires, digging for clams and being by the sea. Last summer I saw 2 little ladies get out of a car and slowly walk arm in arm over to the house next door. They were smiling as they laughed about the summers they spent in the house as girls. They posed for a picture together in front of a house where they had picked blackberries and camped out under the stars. I smiled as I watched them because their remembered joy still lives on in houses of Ocean Park.













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