Black and White Garden

I’m working hard on creating a brand new garden space out of grass side yard at the beach house.  I salvaged some old posts from a friend’s porch tear down and built a patio space.  Now I need to complete the hard spaces including steps and borders.  What should I plant to keep low maintenance and keep deer away? Very challenging  but lots of fun to invision a space out of nothing while trying to do it with repurposed/free stuff.  This black and white garden in London is gorgeous and I want to do something a little less formal but similar. 



White Salvage In Tokyo

I loved this white washed older house in these Remodelista photos and was surprised to learn it was a salvaged Amercian style house in Tokyo.  Two sisters saved the home next door to their childhood home and turned it into an atelier workspace.  Love the white washed rafters, wooden stairs and industrial lighting.







When ever I see a dogwood tree, I think of my grandparents.  Every garden they built had a dogwood featured in the center.  My garden has a large dogwood I grew from a twig my neighbor gave me.  I love this tree because it grew from nothing and now has both pink and white flowers when it blooms.  Dogwoods grow wild in Washington and you can find them in the forest when you hike there.  Overall, a pretty resilent tree.  The photos are from Gardenista and the first one is from my favorite house of all time, the former Brooklyn brownstone of Jenna Lyons, my fashion fairy godmother. 


Longitude and Latitude, Ocean Park

Our salvage journey started several years ago when my husband took a salvaged Douglas Fir rafter beam and  carved a mantel by hand.  He installed it where we had a hideous 1970s pink granite block fireplace.  We surrounded the  mantel with river rock, inspired by the look of the bar fireplace at Skamania Lodge, one of our favorite places.  

I decided to do a little artwork for my husband as a birthday gift.  I drew the longitude and latitude of Ocean Park in pen and pencil.  Given the mantel is the center of our home and world, I thought this directional piece needed to be placed right there- at the heart of our universe.   And yes, the piece of driftwood next to the drawing is shaped exactly like a human heart. 





Spring into a White Bedroom

I have been thinking about doing a spring makeover of my loft bedroom at the beach to light it up.  White seemed to be the way to go.  By repurposing linens, pillows and accessories I already had, I am off to a good start towards a light, white bedroom.  The major project was repurposing the little vintage closet door from our bathroom remodel as a small headboard on the narrow side wall.  I loved the old hinges & faded paint on this piece and was thrilled to salvage it for a much needed headboard in a challenging spot.  I also repurposed one of my books with white covers to add more color. Funny, literally all of my favorite books had a white cover.   And the final touch was adding my Great-Grandmother’s double wedding ring quilt, one of my most treasured possessions.










White and Pink and Wood, oh my

My design taste is fluctuating like the weather.  One minute it’s dark and wintery, the next it’s light and spring…I’m blaming March.  This home via Remodelista is the New York home and studio of CFDA finalist designer Ryan Roche.  I have always loved pink but have never seen it incorporated in an interior in such a neutral and chic way.  Maybe pink is my new black?   Loving the pink stairs,  Himalayan salt block, sweater, pottery and the wooden butcher block island and work table.  AND the clawfoot tub!