A Rock Salavge

What a difference a year makes… We were selling our primary house and moving to our beach house. Well dream postponed for now but still left us this spring with an empty and cleared out backyard space.  We originally repurposed flagstones over pea gravel as a no maintenance alternative to grass.  Well, the rock ended up being more work than grass and the rain was not draining off of them.  Solution – pull up the stone, use the pea gravel surface instead!  So much easier to weed, keep clean and drains much better.  I used some of the flagstones to build a small firepit to enjoy the new and improved space.  Key to this story is never stop working for a solution that works and you can always reuse salvaged materials into a better and more beautiful purpose.  

Before with rock


2 thoughts on “A Rock Salavge”

  1. Looks great! We have pea gravel too but weeding became a huge chore. Researched and found a propane burner with handle (like a small flamethrower) to handle the job. Now weeding is so much easier and faster.


    1. No doubt! We used the propane torch on tough weeds at beach but couldn’t use on the flagstone. Good idea for pea gravel. I usually just use a flat devise that loosen weeds and pick them up old school style😃


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