Current Obsession- Ball Jar Cheesecake

I love to cook.  But having 2 houses and going back and forth almost every week presents some interesting food challenges.  I am always on the lookout for a fun recipe that is easy to do ahead and travels well.

Last month’s Cooking Light had a cool idea on making a cheesecake in a glass canning  


 jar.  My husband LOVES cheesecake so I thought it was worth a try.  Oh boy was it ever.  Even with a low fat yogurt & cream cheese base, the dessert is rich and smooth.  Add the crazy idea of topping it with granola & cooked strawberry jam (this part had me the most skeptical) but it works perfect with the granola softening into a graham cracker like topping.

More to love about this dessert is it can be frozen. And who doesn’t want to eat out of a little Ball jar?  My jars were larger than the recipe so mine did not fill as full.  This recipe would be awesome for upcoming picnics or for the 4th of July.  Recipe is at  New favorite with a perfect portion!


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