Salvage Day Trip

We often make a day trip to some of our favorite salvage haunts.   The Portland Rebuilding Center has been a source of old materials for our beach house since we found our vintage screen door there over 10 years ago.  This trip I found a couple of vintage medicine cabinets that needed some serious love.  The cost for the white one was $20 and the 1930s piece was $12 because it was unhinged.  The white one has a great rustic patina I plan to leave on but I still need to heat off the lovely 1960s contact paper someone stuck inside with scotch tape.  The 1930s Art Deco mirror cleaned up nicely, especially the Douglas fir interior, and I plan to leave it the way it is.  

I learned a few things with these salvage projects.  I know a little cleaning makes a huge difference but did not know you could use water and aluminum foil to clean rust off a mirror & hardware.  Baking soda and vinegar does take rust off of old screws and the cleaning paste for glass stove tops does as well.  Another great tip for salvaging wood furniture is to simply clean it with a damp cloth, let it dry and then polish with Old English furntiure oil.  This cleans the wood and brightens it without changing the beauty of the natural wood.  

These little cabinets are headed to our beach house loft and bathroom.  I know they will find a happy salvaged home there.

Before photos of both cabinets 



Cabinets after cleaning and slight repair




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