The Beach Bathroom Reveal

The demolition of the bathroom started on July 7, 2014 and began as a simple project to replace the old cast iron bath tub with a shower and tile.  What it became was a complete removal of walls and the subfloor.  Such is the case with a 100 year old beach house.

Rebuilding everything became the smart move as we now have a spa-like bathroom with all new electrical, lights, plumbing, fixtures, walls and floor.  The thing I am most proud of in this project is that we did EVERYTHING ourselves.  No contractors or handyman.  It tooks us 9 months to the day as we hammered in the last piece of hardwood flooring on April 8, 2015.  

I am also pleased that we salvaged or up cycled the tub, tile, lights, flooring, vanity, mirror, sink & faucet.  The toilet, shower pan, tub & shower faucet and bead board were all new.  With our labor and salvaged materials, the total budget was right under $2,500 for finished project.

The goal of the remodel was to upgrade the quality of the bathroom as well as create a space that could have existed in 1915 when the house was built.  We used a salvaged clawfoot tub from the tear down of a 1920s house, subway tile, Douglas fir for the ceiling & vanity top, bead board walls to create the era or reference existing details in the house.  We used a salvaged map of nearby Willapa Bay that was pinned to the wall when we bought the house as art work.  

Here is a photo journey of our beach bathroom remodel with a before, during and final product.  Thanks for sharing this journey with us- it’s been one of the most satisfying projects we have ever done and the first from design, to complete tear down to rebuild.



The design 

The Demoliation



The Final Bathroom Reveal









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