Beach “Vacation”

We are just returning from a 9 day trip to our beloved beach house.  The quotes in the title is not an accident.  Having a 100 year old house near the beach is fabulous but an incredible amount of work.  I read a great article on a home site called ” What I wish I had known before I purchased my old house” which was spot on- windows crack, floors warp and insects nest- but you love the house as if it is a living member of your family.  

The work necessary to care for an older home is intense but worth the effort.  We have lived in a newer home and an older one for the past 10 years.  I will take the older one.  There is just something hard to put your finger on about loving an old house.  Part history, part charm, the older house has the je ne sais quoi that a newer home does not possess.  Even with the backbreaking amount of work necessary to maintain and restore our home, I would not trade it for any tropical vacation. 



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