Shiplap Surprises

A tiny house has a tiny bedroom.  Luckily we knew we could fit our queen bed in the cottage’s tiny bedroom if we took out an old, poorly built closet.  Once we started taking it down, the walls behind it were covered in 3 different types of 1930s wallpaper.  Underneath the wallpaper was Douglas fir shiplap.  I have taken wallpaper done before but not off of raw wood.  It is extremely time consuming but I think the final result will be worth it as I’ve got one wall removed and painted white.  This is definitely a work in progress! 

Bedroom before with old walls and closet


Shiplap bedroom walls revealed and being restored with wallpaper removal and white paint



5 thoughts on “Shiplap Surprises”

  1. What type of insulation did you do? I have these walls throughout my house, but it’s pier and beam and I’m already fighting winter drafts.


      1. Good to know. I’m thinking of just foaming the bottom of the wall and go from there. Maybe sealing with plywood from underneath. Luckily I’m in Texas so winters aren’t bad, but I still hate chasing drafts. Thank you.


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