Small Kitchen, Big Ideas

Both of our tiny houses have galley style kitchens.  I cook almost all of our meals so I like to create a space that is highly efficient and pleasant to spend time in.  My frugal ways keeps me from wanting to spend large sums on trendy or name brand appliances – I have cooked on almost everything from a open fire to a cheap hot plate so I can make any stove, fridge and sink combo work.  We have purchase GE Artistry fridge and stove which are small in size and vintage in design- so far we love the look and function.

One side of our tiny kitchen was left blank.  I learned this is typical of old houses because it usually was too expensive to put cabinets throughout.  I am going to open shelving on the blank side made from salvaged old growth Doug Fir shelves salvaged from Restore for $10 and some cool black brackets from Astoria Vintage Hardware.  This is a kitchen in progress…more as it is put together! 

Before we bought house, kitchen as is

Kitchen in progress



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