Tiny house, tiny bathroom

A simple fact of tiny homes is they have small bathrooms.  Luckily our new cottage has a big original cast iron tub but the old sink looked like something from a nasty reststop bathroom.  It had to go.  But what to replace it with? We desperately needed storage but I wanted a pedestal sink to save on space.  My dear husband wanted an IKEA prebuild cabinet with sink to match.  Price point was $250-400 for pedestal and $450 for complete cabinet, sink and faucet.  

We have not had good luck with IKEA cabinets in past so I was very hesitant.  Once we looked more closely at the quality of the drawers and faucets, I was sold.  Now that we have lived with it for a couple of weeks, it is a winner on style and practicality.

The bathroom is in progress as we need to do some structural floor work then rebuild built in shelving as old cabinets were water stained and very smelly so they were ripped out along with the hideous 1970s medicine cabinet.  We plan to replace the shower surround with galvanized sheet metal and redo the bead board wall behind the sink and install a ️square mirror we found at IKEA for $12.  I’m kind  of loving IKEA again!

Bathroom before 


Bathroom in progress with IKEA cabinet  



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