Top Tips for Tiny Home Living

We have been living and remodeling a 672 square foot home for 2 months.  Kind of feels like an episode of “Property Brothers” without the big reveal.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned so far…

1. Measure everything and keep those numbers on your phone along with supply and to do lists.

2. Carry a tape measure with you.

3. Be flexible, old tiny old homes have surprises (some good, some not so much) and be willing to adjust paint, design and furniture choices accordingly.

4.  Don’t be set with one use for furniture, cabinets, shelves- try to mind multiple uses for everything.

5.  Keep lots of paper towels, scrub sponges and other cleaning supplies readily available so you can clean as you go. 

6.  We have a canvas tool bag filled with hammer, nails, screws, glue and other supplies to do projects and keep it handy.

7.  Find a place for EVERYTHING and put it back as soon as you are done with it.

8. Don’t think small when it comes to a tiny home- we kept our 50 inch flat screen- we just attached it to the wall and kept a large mirror and a painting to help make ceilings taller. 

9.  Buy appliances and furniture that are size appropriate for your space- we wanted a full size couch but are now looking for a loveseat instead.

10.  Living in a tiny house makes you think about what  


 you really need and want in your home- the tiny house helps you edit your life in a very positive way.


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