Loft Living

I have never lived in a space with an open loft. When we decided to vault the ceiling and tear down the walls in our beach house last year, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.   The openness and high ceiling are great but the knee walls and wide expanse create a design challenge I am working on over and over in my  mind.  Where do I hang pictures? Do I leave the floor open or add a coffee table?  Nice problems to have but lets look at where we started…

These photos show how the loft looked before- cozy but all white and very low ceiling.  Next are the reno photos showing the 100 year old beams and the exposed brick on the chimney.  Also missing is any insulation! Over the past year we have renovated the loft by adding insuluation, new windows and walls.

One thing I have learned is that when you open up the walls of an old house you never really know what to expect… more to come on how we transformed this space into a livable loft!


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