Taking a break

With the holiday weekend in sight, we decided to take a break from total remodeling/sheer exhaustion for a little garage sale trip. We are trying to source things that fit with our vision of a beach house that is modern and updated but with a 1915 arts and crafts vibe.

Well we had a very good day- found a vintage white table for $4 to use in the loft as a vanity table and a gorgeous oak wardrobe for $40 to use instead of a closet in the main floor bedroom. Both had great lines and fit in perfect. Love when that happens.






Menu of the Week- Red Curry Sloppy Joes

I know this sounds like a weird recipe but we are obsessed with curry. This summer we have made kebabs with green curry, noodles with yellow curry and now a childhood favorite with red curry!

Some of my recipes are my own creations but not this one. It is out of the current “Sunset” magazine. Which I might add just keeps getting better and better. Also had a great section on Long Beach peninsula and a road trip to redwoods in Northern California.

The red curry can be found at Safeway or Trader Joes. It is very subtle if you haven’t used it before. Not a blast of heat either. I made these last night and they were awesome!





True Salvage

Well had a big adventure yesterday- I had to drive our huge 4 wheel drive Ford truck to pickup a huge 1915 ceramic sink we found at the Restore for our beach garage. Driving along the road I saw a couple of chairs sitting on the side of the road. Of course I could not pass up free yard furniture. Especially some cool chairs that were handmade and have an arts and crafts vibe. I threw them in back of truck and proceeded to fix them up. I like the results!





Salvage Redwood Slab Table

We have come to appreciate all wood while sourcing materials for our cottage. This raw edged slab was found at a garage sale for $20. It is very rough and needed to be polished before use. I found an old metal hot water heater stand at the Restore for $8 and became inspired to make it into a table. After painting the stand black, we placed the very heavy slab on top for a perfect new side table.


Salvaged and bargain vanity for $151

We have been working on the bathroom for over a year. Tore down walls and ceiling and started to design ideas. We found a cute little cabinet at the Rebuilding Center in Portland for $15. It lacked a countertop so we built a tongue and groove top out of beautiful fir ($20) that matches the ceiling. I painted the base black and reused the hardware.

Next we found a cool sink for $30 at IKEA in the bargain room. Found a brand new faucet from Kingston Brass at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $60. The light fixture was only $6 but was really bad pink & grey granite color so spray painted black. We had the mirror for years so it was a repurpose from an estate sale ($20).

So we have installed everything and love the look. Entire cost was $151 with a little paint and elbow grease. This kind of result is why we salvage and work so hard to create a unique space.





Menu of the week- Blackberry Cobbler

One of my favorite all time chefs/cookbook authors is Sara Foster. She owns a restaurant/farm stand in South Carolina. I love Southern style BBQ and when we started doing serious BBQ and smoking a couple years ago, Sara’s recipe were our guide.

Sara’s latest cookbook “Southern Kitchen” has authentic recipes from all over the South. One that caught my eye was for a blackberry cobbler. Picked some berries and made it up in a couple of minutes. It is simply delicious – especially with vanilla ice cream.





Salvage Coffee Table

Years ago I purchased an inexpensive coffee table at Pottery Barn. Always liked the rustic wrought iron base but the cheap wood top became worn and ruined over the years.

Flash forward and we decide to remove the top and create a new coffee table out of the metal base. Steve’s true passion is for boats so when we found some salvaged wood from an old boat, we decided to try and use it for the top of the table.

All we did was cut the wood to fit, sheer off the square nails (leaving the nail heads in the wood is a cool effect) and painted shellac on with several coats to lacquer the top. The rich patina of the ancient wood gave us exactly the coffee table we were looking for.